Bandes dessinées / Kevin & Alex

Le trimestre de Kevin & Alex, pour le Magasine Sensitif. Trois Bandes dessinées de 6 case. Sujets d’édito, Noel écolo !
Comic Strip Kevin & Alex | Illustrator, Autor Nicolas Jacquette | Publishing Magazine Sensitif, monthly edition | Director of publication Philippe Escalier | Model maker Julien Poli | Copyrights Irresistible & Sensitif | Creation Paris Oct. Nov. Dec. 2011

Décembre 2011 : Cadeau Durable 

– What are you doing exactly?
-I’ve just finish to pack the christmas gift for my sister.
-And you’ve used twelve rolls to do it?
-And carton, plastic, polystyrene. She’ll never guess what is it inside.
-And by the way, what is it inside?
-A little book about sustainable development.

strip-2011-12-sensitif03 Bleu de travail

strip-2011-12-sensitif04 détail

Comic Strip Kevin & Alex | Illustrator, Autor Nicolas Jacquette | Copyrights Irresistible & Sensitif | Creation Paris Oct. 2011
Le Fans Club

-Mister! Mister!
-Can you sign me an autograph?
-If you want… But I’m not famous!
-Of course you are! You are the actor who plays Dumbo
-Wait a minute dirty rude!


Comic Strip Kevin & Alex | Illustrator, Autor Nicolas Jacquette | Copyrights Irresistible & Sensitif | Creation Paris Nov. 2011strip-2011-11-sensitif01
– Apparently our old neighbor wants to organize a date between me and her daughter.
-The third floor’s cute brunette?
-This one ! I just received a letter with a perfumed panty…
-Why are you thinking her mother wrotes it?
-The lavender fragrance, but mainly…
-The panty’s size !