Illustration BD d’Actu / Sensitif K&A

Illustration et scénario de BD en 6 cases d’un fait d’actualité pour le magazine parisien Sensitif.

Comic Strip Band Dessinée Kevin & Alex | Illustrator, Autor N. Jacquette | Publishing Magazine Sensitif, monthly edition | Director of publication P.Escalier | Model maker Julien Poli | Copyrights Irresistible & Sensitif | Creation Paris Avr. 2012
strip-2012-04-sensitif01.jpg That’s crazy! One deputy talks about marry his dog!

Are you serious? ha, but it’s again one of this homophobic guys, it’s their only argument against the gay wedding …

Once again, we’re talking about homophobia, then there’s something worse in this story…

Are you kidding? What’s the worst?

Yes this poor dog who’s molested in the general indifference! No have you seen the head of this deputy?

strip-2012-04-sensitif02.jpg bleu de travail encré